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Blessed Virgin Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Catholic ChurchBlessed Virgin Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Catholic Church

“The three magnificent domes that form the roof of the Blessed Virgin Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Catholic Church stand tall above its red-brick exterior. The building was built in the Ukrainian Byzantine style under the direction of Father Philip Ruh. The parish was established in 1914 and the original church was located half a mile from the present church. To accommodate the growing parish, the current church was built in 1960.

As you enter the building and look up into the largest dome of the ceiling you will see beautifully painted icons. These pieces complement the Iconostas, an Icon screen which separates the Sanctuary from the main body of the church. The outstanding features of this wall are the written icons depicting the major feasts celebrated throughout the year."
—Blessed Virgin Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Catholic Church Congregation

Across the road in Rossdale Hall, One of a Kind will be selling handmade jewellery all three tour days and Crafty Creations Plus More will have an assortment of hand-painted Christmas décor on Thursday and Friday, and you can find her at the Holiday Alley Makers Market on Saturday!

Winter White WoodsWinter White Woods

“Our home is nestled in pines and oaks which attracts a variety of birds who come to visit and the occasional deer will wander through to feed on my cedars.

My husband Dennis and I designed our home, which was built in 1974, but it is constantly changing with new additions and renovations. What I love about our home is how we redesigned it to make more space to welcome family and friends for celebrations throughout the year. After attending Christmas Eve Mass our large extended family gathers together in our home for a traditional Christmas feast. We exchange gifts, sing and play instruments, and of course Santa makes an appearance.

Every year I decorate my home inside and out, usually with a different Christmas theme which I never know till I start putting it all together. I look forward to sharing the joy of our home with you.”
—Ida Vermeulen

Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic ChurchHoly Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Church

“The Church of the Holy Eucharist was built in 1955 to replace the original church that was constructed in 1917. As the membership grew, the church had to as well. Rev. Roman Dobriansky directed the construction as per the plans of architect Rev. Phillip Ruh.

The layout of the church is in the shape of a cross and constructed of brick, wood and concrete. The roof is dominated by a large dome and two towers with smaller domes rising on either side of the main entrance.

Once inside the church, you’ll be able to admire the large open dome and eight stained-glass windows. Behind the main altar you may notice the painting of the Holy Eucharist flanked by two paintings of the Mother Mary with baby Jesus on one side and Christ the Teacher on the other.

Many members of our church celebrate Christmas by attending midnight mass (which is not always at midnight) on the 24th of December. Some families have the traditional Christmas dinner made up of twelve meatless dishes before coming to mass.”
—Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Church Congregation

Oh! Christmas TreeOh! Christmas Tree

“Our home was constructed in the summer of 2017 and we moved in just in time to take our turn hosting our extended family Christmas. The home is a modern black brick front with a golden yellow front stoop. From our backyard we have a view of the man-made lake that becomes a community skating rink in the winter.

Our favourite holiday tradition is simple, we gather together on Christmas Day to share meals and great conversation.

This year we are decorating our home with Christmas trees galore! My parents gave me my favourite tree – a pencil tree – and every year I decorate it completely in red lights and decorations.”
—Jennifer and Rick Storoschuck

Captain Smith HouseCaptain Smith House

“Smith, a boat builder for the Hudson’s Bay Company. Our family made the house our home in 2015.

The front of the property is surrounded by an antique black wrought iron fence, the windows are adorned with black decorative moldings, and our favourite Christmas wreath greets visitors as they enter. Inside, the rooms are spacious, giving us room to put up two trees for the holiday season – decorating one just isn’t enough! One of the trees is covered in special decorations we've picked up on our travels. We have ornaments from Paris, England, Mexico, Florida, Venice and the Vatican.

Our sundeck is the natural gathering place for family and friends year round and the view of the Red River at the back of the house is a beautiful backdrop for many memories, celebrations and gatherings.

We hope everyone feels welcome and able to share in the Christmas spirit in our home.”
—Aaron and Jennifer Martyniw

Feels Like HomeFeels Like Home

“Our home was built in 2018 by Mannington Homes and we’ve lived in it for almost a year now.

One of our favourite features is the open front porch. We enjoy sitting outside, greeting people as they pass and connecting with our neighbours. It’s our favourite gathering space.

Once you step inside, you may notice our home is a little different. Four guys share the main floor that is accessible with wide doorways, hallways and an open concept. The basement has two apartments with a couple of young women that enjoy having their own space.

There is a small suite on the main floor that is used as a rec area and to provide some privacy for when we want it or to have guests spend time with us. Spending time with family and friends is the best part of our Christmas.

There will be an eclectic mix of decorations in the house as we are blending our Christmas visions in our shared home.”
—Residents of Feels Like Home

WISHME, Inclusion Selkirk’s social enterprise store, will have a small display of items available at the “Feels Like Home” house. This year Homes for the Holidays profits will be shared with Inclusion Selkirk and the “Homes for All” fund at the Selkirk and District Community Foundation.

Christmas on the RedChristmas on the Red

“We refer to our house as the "upside down house". The bedrooms are on the first floor and the living room, dining room and kitchen are on the upper level. Though it’s different than what you’d expect, this design lets us see wonderful views of the river from our most used rooms. We often watch deer feeding in the field and see their silhouettes in the setting sun as they walk along the riverbank.

The house was built in 1976 by the Robertson family and we purchased the 35-acre property in 2013.

We host many large gatherings with family and friends year round, but Christmas, of course, is our most cherished time spent with our kids and grandkids.

We hope you enjoy your time spent here "on the Red" and at the rest of the Homes for the Holidays stops.”
—Sandra Cronin & Gary Dandeneau

Cozy Christmas at the CabinCozy Christmas at the Cabin

“This lovely cabin sits on the same property as “Christmas on the Red” and was built by the same Robertson family a few years after the main house in 1985. We moved into it in the fall of 2014.

It is a rustic log cabin with 2 bedrooms and an open living room and kitchen. The main living area features a floor to ceiling stone fireplace which is the primary heat source for the home. Fall is log cutting season for us!

There are wraparound decks on the south and west sides providing great views of the river and the surrounding area. The sunsets are spectacular.

On Boxing Day, when many are heading to the malls, we head on to the river to our ice fishing shack. Santa always brings us a new lure or two to try to catch the big one. No matter if the fishing is good or bad, the day spent with friends and family is always great. We hope you felt cozy at our cabin.”
—Bryan & Rebecca Dandeneau

Christmas on the CreekChristmas on the Creek

“Our home is located on an acre and a half creek-front property.

We enjoy being so close to the creek, boating and jet skiing with family and friends in the summer and building toboggan hills for our grandkids and skating rinks for everyone to enjoy in the winter months.

During the holidays our home twinkles with lights strung throughout the house. Our home has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a new Christmas man cave and an open concept kitchen and dining room area and a sunken living room which faces the Creek, giving us a lovely view no matter the season.

Our favorite parts of the house are our kitchen and living room where we welcome family and friends. And where we have hosted our traditional Christmas dinner for many years, after which we all gather to play games and enjoy each other’s company.”
—Paul Sutherland and Shelley Sinclair

There will be two makers on-site at this property during the 2019 Homes for the Holidays tour. Deb Tepleski is a local quilter who enjoys all aspects of the creative process. Lillian Kuzak, an artist from the Selkirk area, will be showing her watercolours along with many prints and art cards.

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